Saturday, 27 September 2014

Life and Death: A Short Comparison

   Life and death- two complete opposites, yet heavily dependent on each other. On the day we are born, a lifetime battle between life and death commences. Each time we inhale and exhale, life has beaten death.
   When people ask us whether we are afraid of death, we say no, merely trying to show off how brave we are. But everyone fears death, for no one knows what lies in the world beyond. Life, on the other hand, creates us, it gives us the ability to survive. We love life and we despise death. Only a few people think otherwise.
   Death is cruel. There's no doubt about it. It takes away our near and dear ones. The way to perceive death, itself is confusing. Our brain's logic claims that it is necessary, but our heart tells us to save as many lives as possible.
   Some people, however, seem to be unaware of the consequences of death. For example, the stuntmen in the local trains of India.
They perform hair raising stunts for the thrill, but little do they think about the pain and the grief their families would face if they were to lose their lives.
   Life is all around us, even in the most unimaginable places. The well known dead sea is sterile, or that's what we feel. The truth? Life does exist there. Life is beautiful. A lotus blooms in the morning, signifying hope. Birds chirp as they search for food, squabble, or make nests. The sign of life is so joyous that some times, it becomes intoxicating. The people who will definitely understand what I mean are mostly those who have spent some time of their lives in places devoid of life. Each day the sun rises, life starts again, or so the ancient Egyptians believed.

   Life and death, however different, have a similarity: they bring people together. People come together after a child is born, to see the broad smile on the mother's face and her child. When anyone dies, people come together to pay respect. Life and death complete each other... Without one, there's no chance the other could exist. Thus, life and death, together, make this world.