Wednesday, 24 September 2014



 Nature- the creator, the parent. She happens to be called by us as Mother. Approximately 3.8 billion years old, yet still surviving. Still youthful. What she is is what we are. We may claim ourselves being negligibly dependent on this Mother of ours, just like the successful businessman, but the reality is exactly the opposite.
   Since the times passed, the earth has aged. Nature has survived through many stages of our earth's history. From the Eoarchean era, the beginning of life, till now, the twenty-first century. Nature has witnessed dinosaurs on earth, the prehistoric birds as well as the newer versions of history, like tigers, lions, possums, cats, insects, reptiles, marsupials, etc. And MAN.
   Man is said to have evolved from apes, though the thought is mostly based on common characteristics and traits. As far as I'm concerned, there is more to it. But we all can accept the fact that man progressed from being a primitive hunchback to being an 'intelligent' animal. This intelligence, as we call it, has resulted from, as I was told in the fifth standard (grade), has resulted from our comparatively bigger brain. But, the real question is, are we as intelligent as we think we are? Are we, as humans, as human as we think we are? These are questions only we, as rationally thinking beings can answer.
   For example, we build big cities, a clean drainage system, with what we claim are the best technologies in the world. But where does it end? The answer- the ocean, the sea, the ponds, rivers, lakes, reserves, wherever we find, we dump our waste. In many countries, entire truckloads of garbage are dumped in the landfills and left over there. We, with our advanced science and technology, know what happens next.    Leeching takes place. In short soil and water pollution. The poisons dumped into water bodies effectively harm the aquatic life. And then we get poisoned eating fish and other life forms. And then we complain. When we run out of fertile land due to soil pollution, we complain. We complain of lack of resources. Of lack of wealth to purchase fertilizers. And above all, of lack of support.
   And its not only the water and soil pollution, or air and noise pollution, but our own greed. Our wanton felling of trees, poaching of animals and other acts of destruction have lead to or are leading to our own destruction. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is an excellent example. Innumerable times, we mess around with nature, running experiments for 'progress', creating waste for the sake of 'development' and clearing forests for the sake of resources. Little do we realize that the more we screw up with nature, the more she'll toy with our lives.
   We boast of skyscrapers in huge cities, yet in those very regions, people fight for their lives on a daily business. We spend so much money on creating mere shelters, massive bungalows for a four member families for example, but fail to acknowledge the poverty prevailing. This isn't humanity. Humanity is acknowledging the conditions around us and striving to create a better world.
   Nature has created us, has fed us, has nurtured us. And we wage war against her when we are strong enough... Or rather, when we are confident enough. But nature, being our creator, knows our secrets, our weaknesses, and surely knows how to cause havoc, thus reminding us that we're a part of nature, not apart from it.