Friday, 21 November 2014



   We say that change is for the better. Agreed. Change can create revolutions. It can inspire a story. It can create an organization working towards the development of the poor and needy. Change has shaped our past, it shapes our present and will always shape our future.
   But what exactly is change? The Oxford Dictionary defines change as 'to become or make different'. Very concise and clean. No terms or conditions. Just making things different.
   This, though, happens to be just the definition. Like almost everything else, there's more to it. Various things are concerned with the word change. Change is not simply making things different as far as humans are concerned. We, being intelligent creatures, tend to complicate things. Thus, we started making two types of changes- for the better and for the worse. And to top all of this, good and bad are just relative terms! What's good for one may be bad for the other.
   Change being good or bad is relative. So when we look at something being good or bad, our opinions usually match the opinions of the majority of the people for we tend to think that that opinion is more 'humane' . So let's talk about each of the changes as viewed by the majority.
   Change for the better basically is that chance which would result in the well-being of the needy, poor, etc. or that change which will result in the development or progress of the region or the individual. For example, constructing dams or windmills. Or introducing a new law to prevent the spread of certain diseases. A better budget or a more lucrative business plan. On the other hand, change for the worse usually consists of the changes which harm the peacefulness of the society. We can consider policies which essentially worsen the conditions of people or regions as changes for the worse.
   The world, as a whole, has innumerable problems. Famines, droughts, starvation, pollution,etc. are affecting the world on a large scale. Most of the problems are caused by the people's opinion regarding each other. Many of us pass beggars without paying them any attention, but go to our respective places of worship and pray for a better world. This takes place everywhere.
   The weirdest part of this is that people expect things to happen. They expect the world to change without changing themselves. They forget that they are also a part of this world. That if the world is to change then they should too. That they should take the initiative and change themselves to change the world. What is wrong with performing a small, random act of kindness? We shouldn't expect much in return, for the other person may not be resourceful enough to pay back the kind gesture. But by acting out of kindness, we show others that being kind doesn't cost much. We show ourselves that we can change ourselves as well as others. We show everyone that we can all pitch in to make the world a better place to live in.

I'm gonna make a change,
For once in my life.
Gonna feel real good,
Gonna make a difference,
Gonna make it right...

-Michael Jackson, The Man in the Mirror