Sunday, 16 November 2014

Human nature

   Let's jog up our imagination. Imagine that we are looking at the universe. As a whole. Just imagine. Thousands, maybe millions of galaxies everywhere. Somewhere, if we zoom in enough, we see the Milky Way. Also the Andromeda, approaching the Milky Way at the speed of 250,000 miles per hour. Let us forget about the Andromeda and concentrate on the Milky Way. If we concentrate on one of the spirals, we will find the Sun. Helios. Revolving about the center of the galaxy. About this star revolves few celestial bodies. Let's concentrate on the Earth... The third planet from the sun. Zooming in further, there will be continents, then countries, then states, then cities or towns or villages, then houses, and then humans.
   Humans. Bipedal, social and intelligent creatures. This is basically what defines us as humans. Humans first appeared some 1-2 million years ago. Compared to the universe, our size can hardly be defined. And here we are, on dear old earth, fighting for supremacy. Humans are hardly evmillions whoo satisfied. That is good, one may argue, seeing that the moment we are satisfied we would stop progressing. But we must progress smartly. The moment progress is mentioned, we immediately visualize
hi-tech cars, weirdly designed buildings, space missions every two weeks, etc. Accepted... That's what we all want. But to achieve that, what about the resources?
What about the oil reserves which are depleting rapidly? What about the millions who die of hunger while the rest of the world builds marvels for the sake of 'progress'? The answer received? 'We are working on it...'
   Humans are considered to be social. That is true. Humans thrive and live together better in a society. With friends and family. We, in general, don't like loneliness. But when two societies have different principles, then depending on the tolerance levels,  either they respect each other, or they unleash hell. That too, in innumerable ways, each more innovative than the previous. As far as humans are concerned, competition is a must. And many people feel that they must win by hook of by crook. In such competitions, enmity rises. And the most affected are the poor, who many times have nothing to do with these competitions. The easiest example is war. The most affected are the poor or the homeless.
   Speaking of war, there have been far too many battle amongst ourselves. We consider ourselves as humans, yet kill each other for proving ourselves correct. That too at the cost of lives. Lives that would have otherwise lived peacefully. Humans are often hypocritic. We say we don't want wars, yet we end up having them.
   Humans are weird. We often come across posts on Facebook like- 'Like this picture of a farmer carrying a heavy load. 1 like=1 respect...' How can we blindly like such posts to show off the fact that we respect such people when we hardly pay any attention to the needy around us? How come abandoned animals get so much attention on social networking sites when we hesitate to help them in real life? How can we call ourselves humans if we fail to look around us and care for others while donating money to charity organizations? How can we call ourselves humans if we fail to be human in the simplest of cases?