Monday, 10 November 2014

Is our life improving because of the internet?

   Technology has changed lives. For the better as well as for the worse. Frankly, I don't find this surprising. The thing that is really astounding is the way it changes lives. Imagination and technology combined can dramatically improve a person's life, or can create a weapon of mass destruction. Technology is basically science applied in real life. A tool we created for our own use. Nothing other than a tool.
   The internet, the brainchild of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, was born in CERN in the year 1989. For a 25 year old, the internet has reached great heights. Today, internet is a necessity, rather than a luxury. It connects people with others, no matter how far they are. The internet has encouraged the growth of cooperation, trade, globalisation, etc.
   Internet has improved many lives. People can be cured of a disease by interacting with doctors over the net. Charities can make their goals clear to a larger audience. Companies need to undertake less efforts to advertise. Security has improved. One can keep in touch with others around the globe. The applications of the internet seem limitless.
   As far as the negatives are concerned, there are too many. For starters, cyber bullying. This has a deep impact on people, especially young minds which are easier to mould. Insult someone over a social network and the victim's life is practically ruined. Leaving cyber bullying aside, another threat caused due to the internet is hacking. It technically means accessing personally sensitive data without permission. Hackers hack into systems for various reasons. Some for blackmail. Others for thrill. Some people just 'want to see the world burn.'
   Internet can be used to spread malware, to spread chaos. Career destroying
rumours get leaked over the internet, mainly for finishing off the competition, or to destroy the persons reputation. Internet  has made terrorism easy. One can trigger a bomb from anywhere. Detailed plans of a building can be viewed. Even pranking has its side effects. People become paranoid. They fail to trust others. Even the most idiotic claims can hold a persons mind and imagination hostage.
   The internet is a tool. An important one. A productive one. Only if used properly. If used with caution. Internet can change lives. For the good as well as the bad. Just like any other invention, it can be used to create or to destroy. That is all in our hands.