Saturday, 29 November 2014

Is space exploration a necessity?

   Outer space has puzzled man since ancient times. Many Greeks,  Babylonians, Indians, Mayans and other people from ancient civilizations were astronomers. Many worshipped, and still worship the celestial bodies. The ancient people also recognized patterns in the sky, now called constellations. They named these constellations. The Great Bear (Ursa Major), The Little Bear (Ursa Minor) Orion the Hunter are just some of them. The progress in technology just fueled man's desire to know more about outer space. Science fiction made man fantasize about living in outer space and meeting extraterrestrial creatures. The invention of the aeroplane
made people felt that their dream of exploring space will finally come true. And it did with the launching of Sputnik 1 and Yuri Gagarin's trip to space.
   Now space exploration is developing at a rapid pace. Many countries launch satellites, rockets, space shuttles, etc. for the sole purpose of discovering the unknown facts regarding space. Space is, as far as human curiosity is concerned, a place full of new discoveries and adventures. Movies about space travel, like Gravity and Interstellar, increase people's curiosity regarding what lies beyond the atmosphere. Almost every person has, at least once in his life, dreamt of becoming an astronaut. Why? The answer is simple. It is the same reason why people venture into the unknown or go on adventures. Curiosity and thrill.
   This brings us back to the topic of this writeup... Is space exploration necessary? Or rather, is it necessary to spend money on space exploration? This question is quite controversial with three answers- Yes,  No and I Don't Know.I shall encourage my readers to form their own answers.

   Many agree that space exploration is necessary. It is true to a certain extent regarding the progress in science and technology in space. The search for life away from  home arouses peoples' curiosity. Many scientific breakthroughs have taken place due to research in space. Space exploration helps us identify the places where life is possible, places where we can go to if any calamity threatens our existence. Such programs also help to unite countries. It promotes trade as far as satellite or rocket parts are concerned. All in all, it's really beneficial.
   However, many disagree with this fact. Their concerns are that we have enough problems on earth. Instead of spending money on space missions, we must address issues such as poverty, corruption, pending debts, maintaining law and order, etc. Some are of the opinion that while millions are starving to death, a lot of money is spent on sending machines or a handful of people to space. Others say that instead of searching for a habitable planet which will most probably be littered like earth, we must make our planet a better place to live in.
   There are innumerable arguments, all valid, for and against space exploration. I personally am of the opinion that it is necessary, but must not be overdone. The basic thing still remains that like every topic of discussions,  valid arguments exist for either side. If an opinion is to be made, it must be made considering all the aspect of this topic.