Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Obstacles In Our Development

   Imagine a perfect world... A world where everyone tolerated everyone, ignoring the social barriers like caste, creed, religion, race and what not! Imagine a world where we could go around anywhere we liked without the fear of being robbed, murdered or molested. Imagine a world where peace and order existed without its existence being threatened by chaos. Imagine how happy everyone would be. Imagine the joy which people would get if everyone's needs were met with.
   Now imagine the opposite of this. A world which everyone hates. A world where no one tolerates others, where there is only hostility. Where tyranny reigns. Where chaos surrounds us.Where no ones necessities are met.
   Which world did you like the most? I doubt even one would say that he or she preferred the second world. Why? The answer is simple- We want to be happy. That too in the laziest possible way.
   However, neither of these worlds exist, nor I think they ever will. People are consumed by greed. Many feel it is 'every man for himself'. We humans love to believe that we are self-sufficient. We love to believe that we need the society only for entertainment. We love to believe that we can do whatever we want, whenever we want or however we want. At the same time we also believe that the other person must be helped. The way I see it, this is how the necessity of certain responsible people to represent Law, Order and Administration arose. If one turned out corrupt, the other would control them and vice versa.
   The human society is dynamic. It is constantly progressing. However this progress is not without its own faults. As we progress, we cease to care about others. The more we progress, the more we tend to look down upon others who are struggling to survive. We see this everywhere. Despite the fact that some people need assistance to survive in this world, we chose to ignore them thinking that if they work hard enough, they will survive.
   But that is the one thing we don't actually know. We don't know their problems or how serious they are. All we know is that some of these people need help to be fit enough to survive. This society works on the principle of 'survival of the fittest'. We, being humans, must help one another. If we don't, there is almost nothing that sets us apart from the other living beings.
   There are so many ways people suffer in this world. Discrimination is one of them. Discrimination is even classified into various categories. Discrimination is prevalent all over the globe. Racism, sexism as well as discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, religion, place of birth, etc. What does this discrimination amount to? Simply hindering the overall development of our species. Till date, I have not seen the point behind discrimination. All it amounts to is hurting the feelings of those whose freedom is limited due to such discrimination.
   As of now, I have expressed my feelings regarding two of the many obstacles which hamper our development and social interaction. The obstacles seem completely different from each other, but they have one common effect on us. They all cause disparity and hamper development. They all bind us with various restrictions and dont grant us freedom. They all boost inequality.
   Today is New Year's Eve. From tomorrow begins the new year of 2015. Why not make an extra resolution? Why not resolve to change ourselves and the world for the better? After all, only we can bring about change. This is our society. Therefore it is our responsibility to make a better future for us. Not only for us, but also for all the living things. After all, it is the new year!