Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Books as friends

    What is a book? One might say it looks like a bunch of papers bound together with a cover displaying its name and author. Well, that's true. Then why the fuss regarding books? How is a book different from other inanimate objects? Well, firstly, books are written by people and can be read for various reasons. The important part of books is not the sheaf of papers under the cover, but the material inside, the messages hidden in each page, the words that transport you to the places where the story takes place. No book is complete without words or purpose.
   Books are like friends, some say. According to me, they are even better companions. There is never an awkward time to open a book. It may be considered rude to call a friend at two in the morning to have a chat, but not so as far as opening a book for comfort is concerned. Books can comfort us... They are, after all written by people.
The author of the book communicates with us in his or her own unique way through the words of his or her book. When we read a book, we are basically trying to understand the author's views. Our favorite books are those in which we basically agree with the author's thinking. In a way, books are a medium for authors to reach out to people.
   Books are like friends, and must be few and well chosen. I completely agree with Samuel Johnson's statement. Well written books have a certain power over the human mind, just like an impeccable speech delivered by an excellent orator. Books can influence a person's mindset regarding his experiences. They can also influence his or her decisions in the future. Books must therefore be well chosen... A wrong book can lead one off the path of a happy life.
   Books, in my opinion, must be treated as real friends and people. They, after all, influence and entertain us as much as real people do. We must treat them like friends, returning to them often and valuing their company. Books must also be respected... After all, they tolerate us anytime, anywhere. They always entertain us whenever we approach them, regardless of our mood. They can (and must) be valued as real friends, if not as even better companions.